Embrace FMCG Market Change In Post Pandemic Time

On February 16th, NBA hosted the event “Embrace FMCG Market Change In Post Pandemic Time” in Shanghai, sponsored by NBA corporate members Orkla. During the event, our guest speakers shared the latest insights on new FMCG market trends with varies of topics being covered including social commerce market model, as well as WeChat platform marketing. The seminar attracted 70 participants including NBA members and their Chinese counterparts.


The first speaker was Chloe Zhao, Commercial Manager of Orkla China. She gave an insightful speech on new FMCG market opportunities created by social media. The main takeaway was that internet trends in China have shifted from e-commerce to social commerce. Social media attracts large amount of traffic with its content of short videos and live-streams, and transports the traffic to online or offline marketplace. TikTok, Little Red Book, and WeChat are all great platforms that provide products with wide exposure. With this new market model, sales target and marketing target could finally reach an alignment.


The second speaker was Jessie J, an influencer as well as the Chief Marketing Officer at BaiBao Tech. Through her presentation “Social Media Content Marketing & Tech Platform,” Jessie shared how BaiBao utilizes tech platform, such as WeChat, to expand exposure and draw in more traffic. To push accurate content and product to each user, BaiBao tracks every transaction on WeChat and marks users with unique labels. This system provides consumers with customized service, transforming traffic into loyal consumers.


The presentations and following Q&A session was moderated by Per Askeland from DNV.