HARK Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd—the professional engineering company focused on Marine & Offshore HVAC&R solutionsthe leader in HVAC& dehumidifier system and application technology solutions in marine industry in China,and do some marine agent for special product as well. With strong technical & service background and experience in the markets of Marine industry , HARK are also committed to provide the reliable parts and world-class service. 

HARK owns strong capabilities to provide satisfied products such as air conditioner,dehumidifiers,gas freeing fans,ventilation system,mass flow meter and agent for marine products,and special ventilation system for customer’s application of marine & offshore HVAC.

Our mission is to provide the customers with technically innovative ,advanced, safe,cost efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for marine and offshore .


Contact Person: Zhang Wu

Email:[email protected]  

Website: www.harkee.com.cn