Oct 1-3:Scream for the Arctic|“尖叫”北极 Jing'An Kerry Center

10-01-2020 1:00 PM - 10-03-2020 11:00 PM

Participation: Walk-in

Exhibition/Activity plan 展览/活动预告

Scream culture corner, powered by Munch Museum & Visit Norway

"Seafood The gift keeps on giving " corner, powered by Norwegian Seafood Council

"Norway & Arctic" short film screening, powered by Norwegian Film Institute
Queen without Land & Let the Scream be Heard《北极熊漂流记》&《呐喊》

Norwegian brand story for sustainable development” road show, powered by Norwegian Business Association

  • Riding with joy 骑乐无穷 - Flokk  

  • Scream with Color 用色彩呐喊 - Jotun 

  • Cherish the Gift from Mother Nature - A Glance at Ecological and Organic Agriculture in Norway善待大自然的馈赠 - 挪威生态有机农业/产品洞见及可持续发展理念 - Nuobo

"Oceans of wishes" 2020 China Maritime Museum Thanksgiving-season Activity 

Public lecture: ARKtic Legend and source of energy of young generations
极地 主题讲座(由挪威驻上海总领事馆与自然力研究院共同呈现)

Venue Name
The Piazza (South Plaza), Jing'An Kerry Center 静安嘉里中心南广场